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Share Secured Loans


If you have little or no credit history, we can still help you get the loan you need. A Resource Federal share secured loan works just like a regular loan but will help you create a healthy credit history. How does it work?


  • Your credit limit is based on what you deposit into your Resource Federal account.

  • Your deposit amount is held in your account as collateral.

  • You can secure any dollar amount from your available account balance.

  • Benefit from low interest rates.

  • Regular, on-time payments will build or repair your credit!

Certificate-Secured Loans


If you have a Resource Federal term certificate, you can access your funds without paying early withdrawal penalties with a certificate-secured loan.


  • Borrow a minimum of $500 up to the entire amount of your certificate.

  • Enjoy low interest rates.

  • Make on-time monthly payments to build credit while you watch your money grow.

  • Receive full access to your funds without early certificate redemption.

Credit Life & Disability Insurance


We understand that life can change at a moment’s notice. Credit insurance helps protect you and others from the financial fallout of your death or disability.


Credit life insurance protects others from assuming your debt in the event of death. It pays the balance of your loan upon your death.


Credit disability insurance protects your credit rating from damage done by a prolonged disability. It pays the monthly payment on your loan in the event you become disabled.

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