Payroll Options


Direct deposit

Your payroll or social security check can be automatically deposited directly into your account with Resource Federal Credit Union when you choose Direct Deposit.

Relax. Your funds are safe from theft or loss. Your check can be deposited into the account you choose: savings, checking, or whatever account you choose.

This service not only saves you time, but gives you the luxury of knowing that your money is deposited at your Credit Union the same time each month.

Payroll deduction

One of the most convenient services at Resource Federal Credit Union is payroll deduction. You select the amount you want deposited in your account(s): payroll deduction is available for:

  • Regular Savings

  • Checking

  • Vacation account

  • IRA

  • Christmas account

  • & more

It is also a convenient method to repay your loans. Payroll deduction makes saving and loan repayment easy. Sign up for payroll deduction at Resource Federal Credit Union today!

Payment Options